2 comments on “Tutorial #1: How to Make an Awesome Starfield from Scratch in Photoshop

  1. I just tried your tutorial, for kicks. – http://flic.kr/p/9ZBFJH
    I’m not all that well versed in PhotoShop, not even in my most familiar GIMP, but I pulled through with a spacescape, deep inside some dense galaxy (read here, I over did it with the stars), and with some culinary themed UFO, courtesy of the Pepper people. Some suns thrown in as well. The Pepper and the suns courtesy of GIMP’s funky default brushes.
    All in all, I got the idea of how to create the starts (“so many stars”). As well, I got to play a bit with the brush settings, which is something I recommend everyone should do. Filters and setting parameters name pretty much go hand in had with PS’s standards, so it wasn’t that difficult to follow. Thanks for the tutorial. Here’s my contribution, in case URLs are blocked.

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