One comment on “4 Old School Visual Effects You Can Still Use Today In Your Digital Film

  1. OK – Isoban…
    Approach to be used: sort of a “Ghettomation” perspective (see below)
    Photoshop – NOT – GIMP – YES
    After Effects – NOT – ???? – YES

    Can anyone fill in the ???? — ? Please?

    Looking for at least some of the – AfterEffects funcionality – necessary to accomplish some of the “exercises” in this post. (whether windows or mac or linux based, it doesn’t matter – though I prefer a linux approach at this point).

    (below 🙂 ): “WHAT IS GHETTOMATION?
    By Ghetto we don’t mean bad or poorly made. We mean underground/indie/creator owned. Ghetto compared to the big corporate animation…..Ghetto is good!”
    This was taken from Jim Lujan’s blog

    What do you think, folks?

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